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Eukor Car Carriers will arrange shipping of all vehicles to South Korea.
EUKOR is one of the world's largest shipping companies specialized in transporting automobiles and other rolling cargo. Eukor deliver tailor-made ocean transportation and logistics services of the highest quality to the global automotive industry. Eukors base is the export of Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors from Korea but they also serve most of the other global automotive leaders including Daimler Chrysler, Volkswagen, Volvo, BMW, General Motors, Ford, Mazda and Suzuki. EUKOR directly operates about 85 specialised vessels, and has 15-20 further ships on short-term arrangements at any given point in time - annually transporting over 3 million cars to 160 different ports in 110 countries, utilising a global network of offices and agents.

BMW Leave everyday drudgery behind you and discover new worlds! To do so you need a reliable companion who won't leave you in the lurch: a BMW Enduro or Funduro. These bikes have proved their qualities on the toughest routes of the world - be it the Paris-Dakar Rally or the salt deserts of the Bolivian highlands - no path is too stony, no track too rough. This way, travelling can be a really special experience, far removed from everyday life.

It is hardly surprising that the GS has been the undisputed number one of the long-distance runners since 1980. All over the world.

Off-road adventure beckons. What are you waiting for?

Two Wheels Is one of the largest motorcycle-dealers in the northen part of Sweden, and is located in Umeå. We work with the leading motorcyclebrands BMW and Yamaha and completes the shop with clothes and accessories from marketleading brands as Alpinestar, Nolan, X-lite, Orina, Dragon, Scott, Hallman, Ixs etc.

Our slogan is "100 percent Motorcycles" and this years motto is "Adventure 2006 - It´s all about the voyage". Two Wheels together with BMW and Grahns supports most of this expeditions riders with the best equipment and BMW motorcycles for this journey.

å-Kompani. One of the market leading inovative decoration firms in Sweden. Specialized in vehicle decoration, exposition and trade fair materials. The company works all the line, everything from creative solutions to the final craftmanship of designs and decors. The team uses the latest and advanced digital technology for printing and cutting.

Garmin. Garmin will supply the team with state of the art GPS-equipment. The World leader in mobile GPS navigation systems, Garmin, will make life easier for the Trans Asia team - namely to find the right way across the World's largest continent. The expedition team will equipp all 4X4 vehicles and motorbikes with this sophisticated instruments. Thank you - the team of Sportmanship - showing such a confidence in our great journey.

Peltor. The legendary inventor and manufacturer in extremely rigid intercom and point-to-point communications. We will use Peltor's communications system beween the bikes (helm-to-helm communications) and between the 4X4 vehicles, and between vehicles and bikes. The system will also fulfil an important role for the production of all documentaries.

SolarPlexus Management Europe AB. SolarPlexus builds the LongVoyage website.

Touratech develops and produces accessories and complementary equipment for Off-road-, Enduro- and Rally-motorcycles. Everything from complete rally-motorcycles to panniers, lager fuel tanks, electronics and software can be found at Touratech. All equipment you will need for the long or short trip is to be found at Touratech. All products has been developed by motorcyclist and tested during the most demanding circumstances. As a complement to their own products, Touratech sells complementary equipment such as GPS, camping equipment and much more. Everything manufactured by producers who are market leaders in their segment. In Sweden Touratech is managed by David Johansson. Being a motorcyclist him self, crossing 22 countries on bikes equipped with products from Touratech, David found the Transasia 2006 expedition worth supporting.

AIRHAWK - revolutionary seating comfort. Being seated during long runs takes its toll on the body. Pressure on the seat bones hinders the circulation of blood and can cause numbness and sleeping legs. It’s also hard on the joints and on the back due to vibrations. Put these problems behind you and enjoy the ride with an AIRHAWK seat cushion. The AIRHAWK seat cushion has been used in the health and healthcare sectors for over 30 years mainly to improve seating comfort in wheelchairs.

The AIRHAWK seat cushions are available in different shapes and sizes for motorcycles, passenger-cars, trucks, office-chairs etc.

Tyreprotector The product is a complex mixture of various environmentally friendly substances. All of the ingredients are non toxic and combine to form a gel which has all the properties of a solid, making it highly durable and viscous. As the tyre rotates, centrifugal force evenly spreads Tyre Protector over the entirety of the internal tread area, coating the area with a minimum 2mm coating of sealant. The coating prevents leaks immediately a penetration occurs as thousands of strong interlocking fibres react instantly sealing around the puncturing object thus preventing loss of air.

Tyre Protector will effectively: · Protect tyres against punctures and blow outs · Extend the life of tyres · Improve fuel efficiency · Maintain air pressure · Improve safety · Improve handling and comfort · Potentially save lives · Protect the environment by extending the life of tyres thus reducing the amount going for scrap.

ProComp Tires - is one of the world leader in heavy truck tires. Widely used by NATO forces. The brand is marketing in Sweden by Franska Däcksimporten. The tires used in Trans Asia Expedition 2006 are ProCom X-Terrain 3-ply heavy duty tires.

Tibro Flooring - en svensk producent och leverantör av försklassigt parkett golv i alla olika träslag. Tibro Flooring har för avsikt att marknadsmässigt växa österut och ser transaisa expeditionen som en ypperlig reklaminsats för att skapa ett stort intresse för Sverige i allmänhet och Tibro Flooring i synnerhet.

FältCom is Secure Communication - Everywhere
The company´s portfolio of products and services consists of solutions based on our in-house technologies for various segments within the Wireless Machine-to-Machine (WM2M) domain, and for the lift communication and maintenance area. Our solutions aims at specific application needs, like Remote Supervision and Reading and Logistics. For the Transasia 2006 FätCom is providing real-time supervision of the entire race. FältCom is based in Umeå, Sweden. Among our customers are found Lantmännen, Schenker and General Electric.

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